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Home Access Program Case Studies

Here you will find valuable customer feedback and testimonials regarding the Home Access Program and our affiliates. If you’d like to submit your comments please contact: atripicchio@handiramp.com


   My parents moved to my home in Crystal Lake from Omaha, Nebraska on December 29, 2006.  My mother is in a wheelchair and my father has mobility issues as well.  The decision to make this move was made only 2-3 weeks in advance of their actual arrival, and the list of items that needed to be done in preparation was overwhelming, especially with the Christmas holiday.  Being able to get my parents in and out of the house with the assistance of a caregiver was the highest priority.  Joseph Bezak patiently guided me through my varying stages of panic and frustration to a timely, economical and successful end result.
    My siblings praise my resourcefulness in resolving this dilemma.  While I am happy to bask in their admiration, I am also more than happy to give the credit where credit is due.  Joseph took the time to listen to my desperate phone calls, respond to my tedious e-mail messages, decipher my pictures and measurements, and come up with a solution that works.  The ramps he suggested not only allow us to move my parents in and out of the house; we are able to remove them to make moving boxes, household items and appliances in and out of the basement easier. 
    This has been a stressful time for my family and me and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care and service provided by Joseph and Handiramp.  THANK YOU!
  - Deborah Arndt
   Crystal Lake, IL

I needed a ramp to get my disabled wife into our home in Highland Park, IL. Handi-Ramp created a solution that fits our needs and is aesthetically pleasing.
- Eugene Sterns, Highland Park, IL

Home Access Program Case StudiesAccess Request: Client desired a ramp and platform to allow access into front entrance of home and not disrupt the flow or take up significant space in a circular driveway. Additional concerns were the aesthetics of the solution and enclosing the undercarriage to prevent unwanted animals.

Application: Aluminum ramp and platform parallel to home and resting on driveway surface.

Solution: A “reverse” L shape ramp connected to a platform. This orientation allowed for greater economy of space and easy functional access. Also, the ramp was positioned as close as possible to the driveway’s edge to minimize the reduction of driving surface.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service with my order #38764. Delivery was incredibly quick and I received the confirmation in the post the same day. Thank you very much - very impressed! I will certainly be recommending your company to friends and family.
Kind Regards,
John Baker

Home Access Program Case Studies I have MS. I am finding it more difficult to do things I have taken for granted! Being able to maneuver my walker, scooter or wheelchair through our home is just one more way I am able to maintain my independence. Thank You!
- Marta Garcia, Turlock, CA



Home Access Program Case Studies After a long search for a product such as this (241/2” x 60” ramp) you were willing to provide just what we needed.
- Lynda Byrd, Weiser, ID


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