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March 5th 2008 02:34 pm

Many homeowners consider altering their home to create a barrier free environment. Now you ask, what is a barrier free home? A barrier free home is a home designed without any limitations to the freedom of movement and offers easier access for the individual.

When you have limited mobility, using a bathroom can become a nightmare especially if you need assistance. As bathing becomes more challenging, many people avoid taking care of their hygiene because they find using the bathroom is too painful for them, causing embarrassment. Needing assistance with bathing can damage a person’s pride and eventually make them avoid using the bathroom.

By creating a barrier-free bathroom, our immediate goal is to present safety features, accessible fixtures and accessories which promote independence while maintaining your decorative style.

If you are in need of a barrier free bathroom, instead of tearing down your existing bathroom, you can do some simple adjustments to suit your individual needs. Barrier free bathrooms should be designed to accommodate the maximum amount of moving space required for a disabled person, their wheelchair, and the possibility of a second person assisting the disabled person.

Examples of modified bathrooms include: roll-in showers, grab bars and shower seats, easy-access bath tubs, slip-proof floors, sinks and toilets.

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