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March 9th 2009 01:47 pm proves that losing a limb does mean limiting your lifestyle. Amputee News is an online forum from around the world about, for and by amputees. Every day amputees are making the news and Amputee News is the place to get that news. Updated every two days, Amputee News is the best way to stay informed, whether you're an amputee yourself, a friend or family of one, or work with amputees, and you know how important it is to stay up to date and connected. Simple in design and easy to find, (just Google "amputee", Amputee News is usually in the top three), Amputee News aggregates news articles into an easy to work with format and maintains a month's worth of links to news articles. Along with a month's worth of news you'll also find links to resources for amputees, reviews of movies staring amputees, the pros and cons of the Proprio foot, and columns from CPO's and an ongoing column from a quad-amputee. Visit Amputee News today and see for yourself why 28,000 to 40,000 people a month make it their go to news site.

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