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Fire Safety Precautions for Disabled People

February 5th 2008

Are you a disabled person living in either a house or apartment? If you are an individual with special needs, you should recognize how your disability will affect your ability to escape from fires in the home. When coordinating your emergency escape plan, make special arrangements for your ability level.

Fire Safety Precautions:

1. If your disability limits your ability to move quickly and efficiently, keep your bedroom on the ground floor.

2. Place a smoke alarm and CO2 detector on every level of the house. If you have difficulty hearing the alarm, consider purchasing one with flashing lights or one with a louder sound made specifically for an individual with special needs.

3. Post emergency phone numbers next to the telephone. If using a teletypewriter (TTY) or telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD), place it next to the bed. Call your fire department if you are unable to escape on your own and inform them of your location. Ask the fire department for advice of what you should do concerning your disability. Purchase a cordless or a cell phone so you can carry it with you.

4. While developing your escape plan, involve everyone in the house. If you are unable to escape independently, plan to escape with a partner to assist you. Practice the emergency escape plan several times so people can determine if they can hear and respond to the smoke alarms. If there is anyone who requires a guide dog or extra warnings, include these in the escape plan.

5. Become familiar with the exits in every room of the house. If using a walker or wheelchair, make sure that you will be able to move comfortably through the doorway. Alter each doorway if you need to by adding an exit ramp or widening a doorway for easy escape.

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