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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Home Access Program benefit individuals and families?

The Home Access Program was designed to be a free service that helps people to locate and modify homes to fit their specific needs. Individuals are able to access a database of specially trained Real Estate Agents around the country  that understand the Americans with Disabilities Act and the challenges that are faced when finding an accessible home. In addition to this database, Handi-Ramp provides FREE consultation services and advice on how to turn a home into a fully accessible one. Contact your personal housing modification expert today toll-free at (800) 876-RAMP or online at www.handiramp.com

Why was the Home Access Program created and by whom?

Finding accessible housing is no easy task. After recognizing a gap in the market, Handi-Ramp President and CEO, Thom Disch created the Home Access Program to help families and individuals get the housing they want with the modifications they need.

I’m looking to modify my current home but I don’t have the money, what can I do?

The Home Access Program is working to find financing for individuals and families through reverse mortgage programs and other funding sources. Contact Anne Tripicchio at (800) 876-7267 for more information.

How does the Home Access Program benefit Realtors?

Realtors are able to provide their clients with an additional specialized service and knowledge of the ADA requirements and guidelines. The Program also generates leads and provides for networking opportunities. Monthly newsletters keep you in the loop as to the new products available in the market and national news tidbits.  


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