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Home Access Program - Mortgage Partnership

Built into the Home Access Program is a unique mortgage partnership developed to help individuals and families roll the cost of modifications into a new mortgage. The program also features a reverse mortgage program which allows you to take out a new mortgage for home modifications if the existing one has been paid in full. Please contact us for the contact information of our mortgage lender.


Community Ramp Programs

Many communities have organizations that build ramps for thier communities. For more information, or to inquire in your area, please contact your local Center for Independent Living, Lions Club, United Way, or other philanthropic group.  If you know of any organizations that build ramps that are not listed here please send their information to mktg@handiramp.com and we will add them to our database. If you are interested in Community Ramp Programs across North America, please click the link below.


Rebuilding Together

National organization dedicated to helping low-income homeowners, particularly those who are elderly, displaced or disabled, and families with children. Rebuilding Together focuses their work in four specific areas: Safe and Healthy Housing, Disaster Restoration, Veterans Homes, and National Rebuilding Day to make sure that homeowners reside in warm, dry and secure homes. For more information visit: www.rebuildingtogether.org


Homes 4 Angles

Homes 4 Angels is a 501(c)(3) corporation that is dedicated to assisting individuals and families with developmental disabilities in their quest for homeownership. Homes4Angels finds housing opportunities and aids in the procurement of grant monies, down payment funds and other funding resources. For more information visit: www.homes4angels.org

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